In the current state where exploit kits are constantly being improved with powerful functions, and the latest vulnerabilities to attack all sorts of modern endpoint controls, the skills taught in this course are becoming increasingly critical for organizations to properly defend themselves.

Students will learn the advanced penetration test techniques that will teach them how to examine and understand real-field penetration test as well as exploit kits that threaten IT assets. They will also learn how to start using these techniques within the enterprise.

Unique Strengths

Hands-On Kit

We dive deeper than theory based knowledge
to teach practical skills in penetration testing area

Customized Training

Our training can be fully customized to cater
for various needs in companies & institutions

Capture-the-Flag based Training

With tasks varying in level of difficulty and
different aspects, trainees are exposed to
holistic understanding of pentesting

Red Alert’s Analysis Report

Training also provides detailed report
made by NSHC’s professional researchers

Who should take this training?

Security Researcher

IT Team

Security Consultant



Standard Curriculum