November 11 – 13 Seoul, South Korea NSHC Initiative
Web contents open to the general public is only the tip of what actually exists in the web. Deep down, critical and secretive information that threaten institutions, corporations and individuals lie bare naked. To bust the complacency of these parties, monitoring and hunting down such threat is essential.
Students will be able to learn how to monitor actual threat information affecting companies, develop skills to track cyber criminals and analyze their behavior to minimize damage. Also, through various case studies, students will also learn the base knowledge to setting up threat hunting system.

Threat Hunting Methodology

Unique Strengths

Hands On

We dive deeper than theory based
knowledge to teach practical skills
in OSINT area

Customized Training

Our training can be fully customized
to cater for various needs
in companies & institutions

System Building Tips

We pass you all the tips
to set and build your own
threat hunting system

Who should take this training?

Online / Cyber Investigators

Government Agencies

Penetration Testers

Risk Management Professionals

Incident Response Team

Military Personnel

Standard Curriculum