October 21 – 23 Seoul, South Korea NSHC Initiative
In the recent boom of IoT industry, IoT devices are now all around us. Despite the severe need, IoT developers have minimal considerations in developing higher security standard. IoT device consuming institutions and corporations do not realize their high level of security can easily be compromised through a loophole existing in IoT devices.
For example, a hacker can hack into Network Attached Storage(NAS) to steal all the information from a company. One can also connect to internet connected printer to penetrate into an institution’s intranet. Students will be able to find vulnerabilities in various IoT devices and exploit them.

What IoT Devices can our Training cover?

Wi-Fi Router



Connected Car



Smart POS

Smart Living

Unique Strengths

Hands On

We dive deeper than theory based
knowledge to teach practical
skills in IoT area

Customized Training

Our training can be fully customized
to cater for various needs in
companies & institutions

300+ Zero Days

NSHC owns more than 300 zero
days in IoT devices which are
utilized for this training

Who should take this training?

Security Researcher

IoT Developer

System / Network


Standard Curriculum