Frequently Asked Questions

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NSHC Training 📘

NSHC currently offers 6 training curriculums as follow:

  • Open Source Intelligence
  • IoT Exploitation
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Malware Analysis
  • Penetration Test

You may find more information on each course on “Register” page.

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Training location may differ depending on the situation, so please make sure to check it out as you register.

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You may find the annual training schedule on ‘Schedule’ page. If you want a private training session, please contact us.

NSHC training provides everything (including the laptop, textbook, training kit, etc.) you need for training!

You can come freely.

You may find the instructor’s information on ‘NSHC training’ > ‘Instructors’ page.

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Yes, it is possible to open a private session.

Please let us know the curriculum, preferred training kit, duration, place, number of trainees and average level of trainees through our e-mail (training@nshc.net)

* Required number of trainees : 10 ~ 16

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Yes, NSHC training courses are mainly offered on-site, but we also offer online training if necessary.

We offer online course in our online-training center, RAT studio, for you to fully experience what you could have got from on-site. We will give you a remote access to the training kit in RAT studio, and you will also be able to see inside the RAT studio through CCTVs and cameras.

NSHC Training offers lunches and snacks only. If you need to arrange accommodations, please contact us (training@nshc.net)

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Please contact us and let us know. We will assist you with the cancellation process.

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Yes, if you cannot attend the training, you can have someone else to take the course instead.

Please contact us for more information.

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Registration 📝

You can register for training courses through the ‘Register’ page.

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The tentative registration process for NSHC training is as follows.

  1. D-14 Class opening decision is made, and first e-mail notification is sent out.
  2. D-5 Second e-mail notification and text messages are sent out.
  3. D-1 Final notice is sent out via text message.

We will let you know whether the training will be open or closed by two weeks before the training starts.

This is to make sure that we have enough people to open a class, so please kindly understand.

We ask for your name, organization, e-mail address and contact information in the registration process.

Please find more information on the ‘Register’ page.

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Payments 💳

Please contact us (training@nshc.net) for detailed payment instruction.

You may receive a full refund without a penalty if you make cancellation a week prior to the training.

Or, you will be charged for 10% cancellation fee.

  • Cancellation made until [8 days] before the training : fully refundable

  • Cancellation made within [7 days ~ the day of training]: 10% cancellation fee is charged.

  • Refund policy may be changed without a notice.

Others 🧩

If you have any question, or need assistance regarding NSHC Training website, please contact us via training@nshc.net. We will be happy to help you.

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On the last day of training, we give out certificates of completion.

If you take the online training course, you will receive the certificate of completion by mail.

If you have any inquiries regarding the certificates, please contact us.

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Even if you do not know much about cyber security, you can still get a glimpse of trends and technical methodologies. Since our training is offered in a small size (10~16 people), we will conduct the training based on
trainee’s pre-knowledge.

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Let us know which training kit you would like to purchase. We will be happy to assist you.

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