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Advanced Hacking Methodology from Offensive POV


#Penetration Test

What is Penetration Test Training?

As people started working digital, it became feasible for the hackers to attack the IT system using its vulnerabilities. Moreover, hackers expanded their scope of activity from web API and network protocols to IT systems such as server and clients. Also, automated tools used in attacking IT systems are becoming advanced that the world needs a solid defense system. In this course, you will be able to learn the methodology of advanced penetration testing that is not only a simple vulnerability test but also ‘ethical hacking’. Also, you will learn how to use tools that are used to attack through vulnerabilities. Become an ethical hacker and be a professional at penetration test!

Who should take this course?

Security researchers

Security researchers

IT teams

IT teams

Security consultants

Security consultants



Other related professionals

Other related professionals

Why Penetration Test Training?

Cyber Defense Systems

Techniques that are used
in real-world cases

Attacking Tools that
threaten IT assets

The newest hacking trends on web and network

Protecting server and client

Standards and frameworks for penetration test


Day 1

[Active and Passive Data Collecting]

– Collecting Data before Penetration Test
– Different kinds of penetration and deciding target



– OWASP Standards for researching data exposure, malicious files, scripts, and vulnerabilities
– Recent OWASP TOP 10 Vulnerabilities

Day 2

[Automatic Testing tools]

– Open-Source tools


[Vulnerabilities of Client]

-Attacking vulnerabilities of script that includes Developer tools (i.e. HTML), and Proxy tools


[Vulnerabilities of Server]

– Attacking SQL Injection, Command injection
– Attacking methods that use Database

Day 3

[Web Shell]

– Web Shell for Web App Exploitation


[Web Exploit Tool Kit]

– Web Exploit Tool Kit that includes obfuscated Java Script and its vulnerabilities



Basic Knowledge on Cyber Security

Basic Knowledge on Linux OS

C, Python Programming


NSHC provides following items for your convenience.

1) Laptop
We provide laptop with software that you will need for hands-on training.

2) Textbook
All the learning materials will be provided in form of a textbook.

3) Training fee
Lunches and snacks are included in your training fee.
Transportation, accommodation, and dinner are excluded.

4) Certificate of Completion
We give the certificate of completion to those who finish the training.


TBA, Seoul

Registration and Payment

There are two ways to pay the training fee: PayPal or bank transfer

You may select preferred payment method when submitting the registration form.
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Refund Policy

You may receive a full refund without a penalty if you make cancellation a week prior to the training. Or, you will be charged for 10% cancellation fee.

  • Cancellation made until [8 days] before the training : fully refundable

  • Cancellation made within [7 days ~ the day of training]: 10% cancellation fee is charged.

  • Refund policy may be changed without a notice.

Security Training ▸ Penetration Test

Penetration Test


#Penetration Test


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